/ Shortcodes for Yotpo 1.2.0

In case you are using Yotpo Reviews for WooCommerce (a.k.a version 2), you have probably noticed that Shortcodes for Yotpo no longer work.

I have good news for you! You can download the updated code from GitHub.

See on GitHub

I got here from the notification in my WordPress website!

First - glad you've noticed it! I figured that out of courtesy I'll push an interim update to not surprise anyone with Shortcodes for Yotpo suddenly not working because the required plugin is not installed.

In two words - all you have to do is install Yotpo Reviews for WooCommerce instead of Yotpo: Product & Photo Reviews for WooCommerce, configure it and then the new version of Shortcodes for Yotpo will work.

Why are you doing this?

As I have control over both plugins, new features and updates are much easier and quicker to publish.

What really changed?

I have more questions!

Don't we all! Get in touch by email.

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