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Shigoto is a minimalistic todo.txt parser and manager. It was created as a personal tool to try and get used to organizing tasks properly in a bloat-free manner.

What it doesn't have

What it has


  1. Set hashed password in config.php using BCrypt argon2id (HMAC of password with pepper set in pep.php; see below).
  2. Copy and paste your todo.txt file in the same folder as Shigoto. (if you don't have one, an empty file will be created)
  3. Added September 15th, 2020: create a file called `pep.php` where you will store your password pepper (or change the file and it's location in `login.php:5`) that looks like this:

defined('SHIGOTO') or die();

return 'your-sha256-pepper-here';



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