/ Pursuing Minimalism

Minimalism is a tricky subject as it's very personal - your interpretation of minimal may differ from mine, as may it's execution.

I've written about minimalism in (web)design before but seeing as I, in a sense, deviated from my own preaching a bit, I've decided to write an addendum.

While I still try and be as minimalist as possible in my approach, stylistic value still has some importance so my main website (I have no idea WHY I have more than one website yet, we'll see) DID end up using a webfont, or more specifically Inter. Mostly because font rendering in Windows is absolutely atrocious and all fonts sans-serif look like ass.

That being said, the irony is not lost on me. While my website, at least currently, does use a webfont and has some basic animations as creature comforts, I created μ (and later u.2) without these things. You can actually see μ in action here, except this websites uses another creation of mine - Saisho which is a very basic website engine.

There is currently nothing that is extra, everything is functional and (most likely) as small as it can be.

While my approach may not be minimal to you, it is to me, considering my starting line was WordPress with downloaded themes, and here I am, using a custom made theme, on a custom made engine, writing my thoughts through using a terminal to a server, watching my words become static HTML files.

No more noise.

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