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  • [yNGIwNg] #kYjMyOA @prologic @jlj Since I use regex, I can also manually add rules to exempt specific IPs or User-Agents from filling the form.
  • [xZDU5Mw] #kYjMyOA @prologic @jlj In a gist: I use a couple of honeypot fields (fake fields that will be filled by bots but not humans). The request goes through a redirector, and if these fields are filled, the signature of the bot is added to the banned list and they can't submit anything. If the honeypot fields have not been filled, the request will be redirected towards the FormSubmit form.
  • [3NzBjZA] #kYjMyOA @prologic @jlj I use FormSubmit as base, to not disclose my email, but have noticed that I've been getting spam regardless of their anti-spam measures. I hope the code works (it did work in testing), and I'll upload it shortly.
  • [kYjMyOA] Implemented a small side project the other day: a honeypot for the contact form on my website. Hopefully it'll reduce the amount of garbage sifting through Form submit.
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