/ The quest for a job in 2020, Part 2

It seems like I was looking for a new job just recently, and somehow to my dismay, I found myself doing the exact same thing, again, just last week.

Now, I'm not one to tattle, so in order to save face, I won't divulge the details of this experience (for the lack of a better title), so let's just say the job... didn't quite fit neither party. In hindsight, some of the red flags were there from the beginning while some had to be unearthed, but I'm glad this was done sooner than later.

While some of my time was wasted on this excursion, not all is bad since a very important lesson was learned in this short period of time. It is only unfortunate that this lesson was learned at my own expense.

Thankfully I've already found something better, with good prospects.

To new beginnings!

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