0xFF / The quest for a job in 2020

Some of you may know that I was recently fired. While I'm not going to go into too much detail, I'll say that it was due to COVID-19 related cutbacks or related reasons (at least according to my former boss).

As this is still an ongoing adventure, there is not much I can write about just yet. That being said, a few notes:

  • Nobody is ever immune to being thrown to the wolves. I honestly did not expect to get fired, especially considering my former boss knew I'm a new father.
  • Certain workplaces don't like honesty and would prefer you to cover the truth just so it looks good.
  • Israeli companies like being unprofessional. Lowballing you after agreeing to your salary expectation and saying they loved you is a thing.
  • Looking for a job during an ongoing epidemic could be is an excercise in frustration.
  • Keep your mind sharp between jobs. This is how I came up with Saisho and Shigoto.