I'm alive

I realize it has been a while since I last wrote here, but I am good and well. Many things have occurred since I last wrote here, most of them good. I won't go into too much detail, but let's just say that life is improving.

Recent Developments


Yeah, so this has been a problem for... a while. Ever since school, but back then nobody (neither me nor my parents) thought that it might be worthwhile to, you know, check the possibility that not everything is right with my brain. Concentrating on tasks has been difficult, unless the task at hand was particularly interesting to me like videogames, coding, chatting and so on. School was hard :smile:.

Following the diagnosis (well, actually prior to it as well), I've tried to make some changes to help me cope or live with it. For example:


I started my new job as a tech support person, and specifically internal tech support. Under my responsibility was the onboarding of new employees, providing them with access and/or credentials to the different apps as well as the development and maintenance of the onboarding script and other related apps and tools. The description at first didn't seem too glamorous, but it did sound interesting, at the very least because it was quite a bit different than client-facing support. It also came with the promise of "you can make this into your own thing" as what I was about to start didn't really exist before.

Not long after we hired two more people and I became a team lead/manager. Whoah. While I was kind of preparing myself to go that direction, I didn't expect for it to happen this soon. It is super challenging (challenge is definitely something I need), but also quite satisfying and interesting - there's still lots to learn.

Saisho Mk.4

Saisho is now based on Python, meaning it's a full on SSG instead of a "semi-static" website where the MD files were generated on the fly. I also made some small adjustments to the theme of my blog, as you were probably able to tell: