/ End of Twenty Nineteen

Another year passed and another year begins. This is exactly the time to summarize experiences and set 'goals' for the upcoming year. This is what you'd call new year resolutions.

2019 was an interesting year for me for the most part. I started doing new things, got promoted (largerly, more of the same) and learned that I'm about to become a father. Quite eventful.


I don't like setting solid goals for the new year (we all know that fucking "go to the gym" goal, right?) but I do like deciding on a direction that I'd like to work towards, and so I came up with the following things I'd like to focus on in 2020:

Places I visited

Here are the places I managed to visit this past year. New York, March 2019Times Square - New York, March 2019

Czech Republic, August 2019MotoGP - Czech Republic, August 2019

Romania, September 2019Transfagarsan - Romania, September 2019

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