Making Sense of The Calendar

I use multiple calendars to separate contexts as well as todo lists to get stuff done, and since I use Fantastical to consolidate all of these sources to a "single window" into my schedule (but also each source separately), not categorizing or writing meeting and block titles properly causes all of them to appear similar, which in turn requires more mental effort as I'd have to look and read the titles to understand the task's importance once I need to do anything with the schedule.

For the record, I consolidate my personal FastMail calendars (personal and family calendars), work calendars (personal, manager, team mates and group calendars) and Todoist tasks (personal, work and home tasks).

I devised a simple set of rules, or guidelines to visually encode my schedule so that it is more easily understood in a quick glance without having to go into details.


  1. The rules/guidelines are ordered by visual importance.
  2. The guidelines are not final and are subject to change.
  3. Color (scale from red to green) and emoji (person, two people, brain) usage are language-less and thus should be universally understood



calendar before


calendar after