/ 5 years

"Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" is a silly, loaded question that I unfortunately find myself struggling with answering every time I go for an interview.

The interviewers usually dont care about your fucking grandiose plans five years from now. All they want to hear is that you'll be there, doing whatever they're hiring you to do.

Five years ago I was dreading every day while working in IT. If you asked me back then where I'd see myself in five years I sure as hell wouldn't have told you I'd be working in highly technical customer support and doing development on the side.

And the thing is - I can't lie. When I get asked this question, my answer usually is "I don't know" followed by an explanation that I like many things and that I'm learning from everything I can. If you expect me to lie and answer "here, doing the same fucking thing" you're out of your mind, but if I answer truthfully, I am probably seen as an "unsafe bet" despite my intention being that I'm open to different opportunities in your company.

So, then, what is the point? What is the answer you seek? What is the "correct" answer?

In five years I will know more (in whichever direction), do more, and get paid more. I want to learn.

I guess I am trying to make sense of something nonsensical.

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